Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the videos free?
A: My goal is to maintain my creativity and independence in how I work. My revenue model is selling the material as stock, via the websites stock agencies.
Which costs are not included?
A: It is possible that there will be no costs, or very little. But costs such as transport, extras/models/actors, any assistants and other necessities are not included.
Who buys the images?
A: The buyers range from YouTube channels to major corporations, documentary makers to Marvel movies, Universal Studios and everything in between.
I have no control over this, nor do I know who my buyers are.
How are my company and employees protected?
A: The release form that every person in the picture must sign states that the footage must never be used in a defamatory (harmful or abusive) way. This is also stated in the agreement that the buyer must sign. If there is a dispute, the stock agency acts as a mediator. They are ultimately responsible for appropriate use of the image material, and in the worst case the agency can take legal action.
What if I want a custom video that will not be sold as stock?
A: This is possible in consultation.
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